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Board of Trustees

Birzeit University is governed by an autonomous Board of Trustees comprised of educators and professionals from the Palestinian community. The board appoints the president of the university. It also confirms the appointment of vice-presidents and deans upon the recommendation of the president. The board approves the budget and general development plans presented to it by the university council.

Board of Trustees Members:

Dr. Hanna Nasir*, Chairperson
Dr. Mamdouh Aker*, Deputy Chairperson
Dr. Carmela Omary* , Secretary General
Mr. lyad Joudeh*, Treasurer
Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh, ex-officio, University President
Mr. Samir Abdulhadi*
Mrs. Nahla Assali*
Mr. Basim Khoury*
Mr. Iyad Masrouji*
Dr. Zuheir Alami
Dr. Suad Al Amiry
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi
Mr. Samir Aweidah
Mr. Waddah Barqawi
Mrs. Leila Chahid
Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub
Mr. Mazen Darwazah
Dr. Anis Kassim
Dr. Nabeel Kassis
Mrs. Samia Khoury
Dr. Camille Mansour
Miss. Nada Al Nashif
Mr. Ayoub Rabah
Mr. Riad Al Sadik
Mrs. Rima Tarazi
Dr. Ismail El Zabri


Honorary Members

Mr. Omar Aggad
Mr. Munir Atallah
Mr. Salim Edde
Mr. Kutayba Alghanim
Mr. Bassam Jabr
Dr. Walid Kayyali
Mr. Zein Mayassi
Mr. Abdel Mohsin Al-Qattan
Dr. Dawood Musaad Al-Saleh
Mr. Ghaleb Younis


Member of the Executive Committee

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