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Student Research

In addition to participating in research and projects during their studies, Master's students at Birzeit University contribute yearly to the university’s publications through their thesis work. Each year, several Master's theses are presented and discussed publicly before being approved by an appointed committee for publication. Excellent theses are sometimes adopted for publication or expansion by individuals or institutions outside the university.

Faculty Research

Birzeit University seeks to advance the knowledge of and opportunities for its academics, who disseminate information about their ground-breaking and innovative research. A range of academic support and financial assistance has been provided to faculty encourage scientific research and development of the academic level of Birzeit's own programs.

البحث العلمي

تولي جامعة بيرزيت أهمية قصوى للبحث العلمي على صعيد أعضاء هيئتها الأكاديمية وباحثيها وطلبتها، على اعتبار أن البحث العلمي ليس فقط ضروريا للتطور الأكاديمي للأساتذة والباحثين بل هو في ذات الوقت جزء هام من العملية التعليمية لطلبة الدراسات العليا وطلبة البكالوريوس أيضاً. من هذا المنطلق فإن الدعم الذي تقدمه لجنة البحث العلمي بالجامعة منفتح أيضاً على المشاريع المقدمة من طلبة الجامعة.


Research is an essential part of the mission of Birzeit University. Birzeit faculty members and students conduct research in many fields, seeking to expand human knowledge and to serve their society by tackling the problems that Palestine faces.

    لَقِّم المحتوى

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