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Honorary Doctorate

The University has granted an honorary doctorate to a number of Palestinian figures who were academically distinguished in several areas:  political, societal, economic, humanitarian and development. Some of these characters have served the nation in the political, cultural and professional aspects of Palestinian life, and have substantially contributed to writing the Palestinian history. Furthermore, some figures continued their support for Palestinian institutions in general and Birzeit University in particular.


Nabiha Nasir was the driving spirit behind the school that eventually became Birzeit University. Nabiha was asked by her former teacher, Ratibeh Shkair (who hailed from Lebanon), to help her establish a girls' school in Lebanon, but Nabiha countered with the suggestion that they establish a school in Birzeit, where the need was great. The school was established in 1924 and was called Birzeit School for Girls, and Ratibeh Shkair was the headmistress. (Despite the name of the school, boys were also admitted at the request of the community).

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