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افتتاح دورة تدريبية حول إدماج معايير النوع الاجتماعي في عمل الهيئات المحلية - أخبار

أيلول 27, 2011
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The Institute of Law (IoL) at BZU, in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Governance, opened on 24 September 2011 a specialized training course on "the integration of gender criteria in the work of local governance units," as part of the project “Development of curricula and training of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and local governance employees,” funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


The Director of IoL, Dr. Ghassan Faramand, highlighted the importance of training the staff of local governance units (LGUs) on issues related to gender as well as focusing on the role of municipalities in the delivery of basic services such as electricity, water and organization. He pointed that this training has been primarily built on a strategy that aims at empowering and training the local governance sector.

The Director of the Gender Unit at the Ministry of Local Governance, Ms. Hanan Imseeh, emphasized the importance of this training session, in light of the demands to meet the growing and changing needs of the community. She also thanked IoL for its contributions towards social issues in general and the development of local governance in particular.

The Project Manager at the IoL, Mueen Barghouthi, applauded the ongoing cooperation between IoL and the Ministry of Local Governance in building the capacity of the staff of local authorities and in dealing with emerging issues through training and research. He noted that this session will highlight topics of interest to the staff of LGUs, such as gender-responsive budgeting, planning, policy-making and development. He also indicated that the training will address the legislations that govern the work of these units and the analysis of these legislations from a gender perspective, particularly laws, workers' rights, and elections law.

This five-day training session is one of ten that target the local governance sector in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and is implemented by a group of specialized trainers.

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