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Computer Center

The Helen Kattan Computer Center (Computer Center) is a key support center with its main focus on providing an optimal technology infrastructure oriented towards addressing the IT related needs for the administration of the University and supporting and enabling academic activities. It provides innovative technologies and learning resources by providing integrated online services through the BZU portal (Ritaj). It is responsible for providing technology solutions and technical support to the classrooms in order to offer new teaching methodology and improve the academic use of technology.  The Center provides the most up-to-date communication technology for the organization and management of information to serve the activities of the University.


Established in 1982 with a mission to provide access to a fully integrated set of information technology solutions both on and off campus to support the teaching, research and administrative functions of the University.


Our vision is to provide innovative technology services - with creativity, enthusiasm, and integrity - framed through the perspective of end users, not technology professionals. Our staff is able to respond with flexibility and creativity to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.


The Computer Center is housed in the administration building at BZU campus, where user support, application support, network administration, and system development take place, our staff maintain a distinctive approach to providing technology services to faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. The center provides services daily from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm except weekends (Fridays & Sundays) and holidays, some services are available until late hours, to know more about the center's services please take your time to explore this site.


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