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Department of Accounting

Accounting Program Mission Statement

The accounting program is committed to preparing qualified students with an undergraduate education in Accounting and the necessary skills that provide graduates with a background suited to meet the needs of both the local and regional challenging job markets.


Goals and Objectives


  • To provide students with a general understanding of different areas of accounting, such as financial , managerial accounting and auditing.
  • To provide students with a strong foundation to obtain professional certificates (e.g. CPA ) or further graduate degrees.
  • To prepare students for entry-level accounting positions and other available job opportunities that require an undergraduate degree.
  • To educate students with the latest developments of various accounting topics .
  • To provide students with a basic understanding regarding the International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • To encourage students to appreciate ethical issues related to the accounting practices .
  • To highlight the importance and application of financial accounting and reporting in business decision-making.
  • To encourage students to carry out research papers, field visits to companies and obtain training at private and public organizations.



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