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Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Established in 1975/76, the Department of Arabic and Literature is an educational unit which grants the BA in Arabic. The number of the first class was only four graduates, while the number these days reaches sixty or more graduates annually. The Department offers a major in Arabic as well as a minor. What is more, the Department offers Arabic 135 and 136: university requirements for all students.

Within the framework of development, the Department's plan has always undergone continuous modifications and revisions. The last in this process has been opening the program of " High Basic School Teacher" in coordination with the Faculty of Education. In addition, an MA in Arabic and its literature has been created.

The Department aims at fulfilling the Palestinian and Arab markets' needs from distinguished and educated BA and MA holders. Moreover, the Department empowers its students to enhance their knowledge in Arabic literature and linguistics and reinforces the use of standard Arabic in speaking and writing.

The Department also consolidates its students' personalities and talents and raises their belonging to Arabic as well as to the Arab nation. Graduating the student researcher tops the Department's objectives and goals.

The Department has a distinguished team of professors in the various branches of Arabic who graduated from local Arab and foreign universities holding positions from instructorship to full professorship. The Department's staff participates effectively in serving the Arabic language and increasing the human knowledge through research, authoring, manuscript editing, referring literary prizes internally and externally as well as participating in conferences and research centers locally or internationally. The Department does its best to support some of its staff pursue their Ph.Ds.

The Department's graduates have a wide range of employment chances such as working in schools, in newspapers, in research centers or they may pursue their graduate studies.

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