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Department of Biology and Biochemistry

The Department of Biology and Biochemistry was established in 1978 to offer a double-major in Biology and Biochemistry.  In 1984, the program was modified to a major in Biology and a minor in Biochemistry. The objective of the Department is to enable graduates to pursue work in life sciences or in teaching biology for school students or in quality control in local companies, soft drinks, drugs, etc.

The curriculum in Biology is designed to give students a strong background in fundamental concepts of biology at the cellular, organism and population levels of biological organization of our life. The Biochemistry component teaches students more about how biological molecules react and interact to convert energy, build complex structures, maintain order, catalyze reactions, and convey information.

The Department of Biology and Biochemistry offers an academic program leading to a Bachelor degree with a major in Biology as well as minor specialization in Biochemistry.


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