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Department of Civil Engineering

History and progression

 The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1979 and the first graduating class of 1985 was limited to seven graduates. Since then, the students' number has grown to reach an annual cohort of 80 students and the teaching staff to a total of 12 full-time and 5 part-time faculty members, 4 teaching assistants, and 2 technicians.  

Department's mission

 The Department of Civil Engineering aspires to provide its graduates with technical know-how and sound ethics to implement economic, safe and environmentally sensitive projects that best serve the community and to provide them with the leverage to compete in the academic and professional arenas. 

 Distinguishing features

 Most of our graduates pursue their careers in engineering, working in local, regional and international firms in Palestine and abroad. Many have found their first job through the annual career day organized by the Faculty of Engineering and through the field training required for the completion of the bachelor degree. The department is also active in securing scholarships for the top performing students to pursue graduate studies overseas as part of the department commitment to capacity building. A number of our graduates are currently completing their PhD degrees in reputable universities in Europe and USA.  Over the years, the department has developed strong relations with the local building and construction industry through its accredited testing laboratories and encouraged academic exchange through specialized symposiums on concrete technology in cooperation with the Palestinian Concrete Society and the Engineers Association. Faculty members are active in applied research, cooperation projects and consultancies with several international partners especially in Germany, Italy and Holland.  

 Outline of department's program

 The department offers a bachelor program in civil engineering with optional concentration in one of the following areas: structures, water and environment, transportation and highway, and building engineering. The five-year program is equivalent to 160 credit hours but some students complete the degree in four and half years.  



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