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Department of Computer Science

The Computer Science program which leads to a Bachelor degree in Computer Science was first established in 1995 as part of the Mathematics department.  In 1999, a separate department was created for Computer Science as part of the College of Science.  This department was later moved to become part of the newly created Information Technology (IT) college in 2006/2007.

The Computer Science department focuses on continuously enhancing its academic standards and curriculum while taking into consideration the rapid changes in the field and industry,  attracting qualified faculty members, strengthening the relationship with the local community and industry, as well as encouraging research.

The department of Computer Science strives to  provides its students with the necessary tools and resources to become competitive in the computer industry as well as be able to continue with their graduate studies worldwide.  This is done by offering the students a wide range of compulsory and elective courses as well as providing them with useful exposure to the industry . 

As an integral part of the IT College, the Computer Science department hosts internationally renowned instructors in the field to teach credited summer courses to our students in a variety of topics.  The department is also a major contributor to the yearly IT expo tech event which provides the students with the opportunity to interact with local companies as well as present their graduation projects and ideas.  The department is also actively pursuing opportunities to provide  its students with practical experience through training in local companies, internships in major companies, or exchange programs that aim to periodically swap some  students and faculty members between Birzeit university and other universities worldwide.

The Computer Science department currently offers:

  • A bachelor degree in the Computer Science major.
  • A minor in Computer Science.



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