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Department of Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction Department offers:

1)      Undergraduate Programs

These are teacher preparation programs for the upper basic school level (grades 5-10) in the following areas:

  • Teaching science.
  • Teaching mathematics.
  • Teaching technology.
  • Teaching social sciences.

2) Diploma programs

The Department offers the Educational Qualification Diploma Program with a general track  and a track that focuses on the teaching of a specific school subject.

The general specialization aims to prepare and qualify teachers in the field of education in general, focusing on the development of professional knowledge in teaching in particular.


Teaching a specific subject program aims to prepare teachers of the secondary level to teach the following disciplines: Arabic language, English language, science, math and social sciences.

2)      Graduate Program

The Master's Program in Education seeks to develop and train educators in various fields of education to meet the local needs for teachers, school supervisors, administrators and researchers within the school system and in various educational areas. The Faculty offers a master's degree in education, with a focus on the following:

  • Science Education.
  • Mathematics education.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
  • Educational Administration.


Research areas

Faculty members conduct research in the following areas:

  • Science and mathematics education, especially in: teachers' knowledge and beliefs, nature of scientific knowledge, use of case studies and video in education and training of teachers, students' alternative concepts in science, the use of technology in education, representation and communication in the mathematical discourse.
  • English language teaching, especially in: the acquisition of English as a foreign language, as well as teaching methods.
  • Educational administration, particularly educational leadership and strategic planning.
  • Other areas of education, such as democracy education, teacher professional development, in addition to curriculum analysis and development.


University and Community Service

Through the Ibn Rushd Unit for Educational Development, the Faculty offers services to the University community to improve teaching and learning at the university level, and offers training and consultative services to schools and educational institutions in Palestine.

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