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Department of Law

The department of Law is one of three academic departments affiliated to the faculty of Law and Public Administration. The department was established in 2004/2005 and it provides an academic program leading to a Bachelor's degree in law, and another program leading to a Master's degree in law in two majors; Public Law and Private Law.


Raising the level of legal education, excellence in academic plans and teaching methods. As well as building students' legal personalities. (This clearly appears through a plan of a Bachelor's degree, which is characterized by providing a large number of practical courses taught by professional academics specialized in different fields of law). In addition, the department focuses on a scientific research and foreign languages especially English.

The program is characterized by a new philosophy in teaching that aims to graduate highly qualified jurists with strong skills in research, analysis and good legal thinking in addition to the excellent knowledge of the Palestinian and comparative laws.

A law student graduates from the law department with broad knowledge in all private and public law areas. However, the student in his/her last BA year would have to chose one of the four groups of focus offered by the department, so that he/she will obtain the required skills in the chosen group. As for the area of specialization, it is only available in the masters program.

The groups of focus are:

- judicial profession.

- prosecution, investigation and the maintenance of order.

- the legal profession.

- legal advice.

After accomplishing the BA requirements, law student  can work in several positions, as the following:

The ability to work as a lawyer or a legal advisor in governmental departments and private institutions such as companies and banks, non-governmental and international organizations, or working as prosecutors, judges, or public employees.

The institutions of civil society usually absorb a significant number of law graduates. Apart from that, a law student can continue with his specialization through the Master's program in law, which will open new doors of future work.


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