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Department of Media

Overview  The Media Department was established as a specialized department for graduating journalists in the field of written and audio media in 1996. And in 2002, the field of visual media was added in teaching so that there will be three academic programs at the Media Department, leading to the Bachelor Degree in the following specializations:- 1-    Media /Journalism – Major, Political  Science - Minor .2-    Media / Journalism – Major ,  Sociology   - Minor3-    Media / Radio  – Major ,  Television   - Minor

 Mission and Vision  of  Media Department :_ The Department seeks  to graduate proficient persons  in the fields of  Media capable on serving their country and contributing to the universal civilization with professionalism , spirit , ethics and national feeling through graduating students who have the instruments of  scientific research  , critical thinking  , skills of  media work with  all its fields and  in depth  study  with profession ethics .  Since Palestine is in the front of the universal news and as the role of Media is out of suspicion, the Department seeks to graduate the qualified persons to work in different media institutions and fulfill the needs of the market with Palestinian media persons with higher grade of professionalism and proficiency competing the world media persons and distinguished from them with deep knowledge on the existing conflict on the Arab region ;  and they constitute a part of  the local culture  and they are empowered  in their mother tongue   as well as aware of  habits and conventions   and capable  on  communicating the truth; and at the same time they do not ignore  the human dimension  behind the event .  Within the vision of Media Department is seeking to establish a college of Media, and developing new programs.ListenRead phonetically 

Staff and Employees

1.     Head of Media Department.

2.     Secretary of Media Department.

3.      Full-time professors.

4.      Part-time professors.

5.      Teaching Assistants.

6.     Laboratory Technicians.

7.     Sound Eengineers.


Educational facilities:

1. Radio studio.
2. TV studio.
3. Computer lab.
4. Photography Lab.  Contact us-         E-mail:         Tel: +9702-2982970-         Fax: +9702-2982180   

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