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Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

                                                  Nutrition and Dietetics Department 

Within the context of Birzeit University’s effort to serve Palestinian society, the Nutrition and Dietetics department offers a bachelor's degree program aiming to graduate high caliber nutrition and dietetics professionals. The graduates of this program will have the scientific knowledge, abilities, and skills that enable them to work at various types of institutions such as hospitals, primary health care centers, food service organizations, schools, weight management centers and many others. 

The program provides the students with the scientific principles based on the most current developments in the specialization. The students also have hands-on experience with practical applications in the department’s laboratories, and practical training at relevant institutions under the supervision of practicing dietitians. 

The department has contacts with several relevant institutions –governmental and non-governmental, in Palestine and abroad - to enable its students to perform scientific studies that increase their ability in designing nutrition intervention programs. These programs contribute to the improvement of the nutritional status and consequently the health status of people in Palestine, in accordance with Birzeit University’s vision and mission in community development.  

 Admission Criteria 

  1. Obtaining the General Certificate of Secondary Education (Tawjihi) in the scientific stream, or its equivalent, with an acceptable average as announced at the time. 
  2. The department’s capacity.



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