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Department of Public Administration

The Public Administration Department offers an academic program that leads to a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration. It also offers a subsidiary program in Public Administration.

The Bachelor degree program aims to properly prepare graduates who will provide institutions of the public sector (ministries, public institutions and local councils) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) with appropriate skills and competency. The Faculty also qualifies its students with a practical diploma designed for employment in the public sector and NGO's, in addition to serving those who are interested in working in general jobs or for current employees working in the public sector and seek to improve their administrative skills and abilities.

The program was designed to prepare and enable directors and employees for civil services and decision-making based on analytical and logical abilities within objective terms with the public and private sectors. This is achieved by offering studies in different fields of public administration, including: Human Recourse Management, Finance and Public Comparison Management, Administration and Arrangement, Central and Local Management, and Public Law.

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