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Faculty of Education

Where Theory, Practice, Educational Professions and Research Interact

During the seventies of the last century, BZU offered a teacher education program, or what was called at that time a teaching certificate program. BZU was the first Palestinian university to offer such a program. Also, it was the first to offer a master's program in education shortly after that. At the beginning of 2010/2011, the Department of Education and Psychology developed into the Faculty of Education, which included the Department of Curriculum and Teaching and the Ibn Rushd Unit for Educational Development. The Curriculum and Teaching Department offers four programs which aim to prepare teachers of the upper basic school level (grades 5 - 10), an educational qualification diploma program for the teachers of the secondary schools, and master's level programs to prepare specialists in education. The Faculty attracted highly qualified faculty members, PhD holders from prestigious universities, who are working in the areas of teaching, research, and the provision of educational and consulting services to the Palestinian community, and many of home are considered outstanding educational leaders in Palestine.

The Faculty of Education consists of:

  • Curriculum and Instruction Department.
  • The Ibn Rushd Unit for Educational Development



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