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Media Development Center

MDC was founded in 1996 under
the name of “Media Center” within the Faculty of Arts. In 1999 it was called
“Media Development Institute” and has become a part of the communal centers and
institutes in the university, whereas, after ten years of hard work it has
become what is now known the Media Development Center- MDC.


A professional free and
modern Palestinian media.


The MDC seeks to enhance
capacities of media professionals through providing industry-specific training,
training manuals and professional production by partnering with international
media organization. This is to be achieved within a framework of
professionalism, objectivity independency, and freedom while abiding by the
Palestinian law and the international and humanitarian legislations. 


  • Build
    capacities of the media and to maintain sustainability and enhance
  • Raise
    awareness of media professionals and citizens regarding rights and duties
    in a society governed by freedom and equality.
  • Network with
    local, regional and international partners in order to advance the
    Palestinian media.
  • Produce
    special material that would develop a democratic media
  • Hold
    workshops and seminars on media and journalism and address their role as a
    fourth power
  • Participate
    in discussions on media policies and offer advice and support to
    governmental institutions and civil society organizations

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