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Faculty of Law and Public Administration

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University (BZU) was established in 2004 as a response to a growing need for professionals in areas related to public affairs, such as legal and judiciary professions (judiciary, public prosecution, law practice, and legal consulting), government jobs (central administration, independent commissions, and local government), administrative positions in non-profit civic organizations, and jobs related to researching and analyzing political affairs.  In order to preparing students to meet to the job market demands, the Faculty has adopted curricula and techniques that ensure the development of their academic capacities and practical skills, and allow them to deal constructively with Palestinian reality.  In doing so, the Faculty is consistent with the mission of the university which focuses on knowledge diversification, development of critical thinking, and practical training for the alumni.  Integration of training in public organizations, law firms, and civil society organization is encouraged and weekly follow-ups are a part of this training.

In addition to classic areas of legal orientation, the Bachelor Program in Law seeks to have the law graduates acquire necessary practical skills and professional ethics, and develop their critical and analytical thinking.  The Faculty offers a pioneer program in Public Administration, preparing students to lead in public sector institutions and non-profit organizations.  It prepares students to understand and utilize available tools for management and policy analysis, to develop a critical understanding of the key concepts used in policy analysis and management and to apply this understanding to contemporary problems in the public sector.

The Political Science Program, which was added in 2006, seeks to meet the increasing need for political scientists and analysts.  In order to provide BZU students with a competitive edge, students are presented with an opportunity to combine this degree with a minor in either Public Administration or Economics.

The Faculty offers programs leading to Bachelor degrees in:

  • Law
  • Public Administration
  • Political Science major with a minor in Public Administration
  • Public Administration major with a minor in Economics

The Faculty offers a minor in Public Administration and Political Science which university students can study along with their major.

The Faculty offers a program leading to a Master degree in Law.


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