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Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions

The Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health Professions was established in 2008 with the goal of building human capacities in the fields of nursing and allied health professions in order to contribute to raising the professional level and developing scientific research in these areas and to support comprehensive development in Palestine and the region.

Faculty Goals

  • Prepare nursing and allied health professions graduates in the following fields: Nutrition and Dietetics, Audiology and Speech Therapy and Clinical Laboratory Science in order to raise the level of the private and public health sectors and other relevant sectors such as the food industry sector through distinguished competencies and capacities that are able to contribute to scientific development and professional training in the health field.
  • Work on raising the professional level through training, observation, monitoring and follow-up.
  • Encouraging scientific and applied research in the field of health professions in Palestine, and publishing and publicizing research locally and internationally.
  • Providing a platform podium for interaction between academic researchers and workers in the health field and developing partnerships among them, creating development plans and policies to raise the health level in Palestine, and providing appropriate solutions for the problems of the health sector and other sectors.

Faculty Features

  • Recruitment of a distinct group of highly-qualified academics.
  • Preparation of national competencies with distinct technical capacities in handling the latest medical equipment in order to provide an applied health service in hospitals in all preventive, rehabilitative, diagnostic, and treatment areas.
  • Adoption of advanced curricula and modern study plans in cooperation with international universities that are renowned in this field.
  • Provision of practical training opportunities at the various health institutions in Palestine and abroad.
  • Provision of scholarships to outstanding students as a sign of encouragement to them, and working on towards providing them with scholarships to pursue their graduate studies in specialized colleges abroad.

The Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health Professions includes the following academic departments:

  • Nursing Department
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Department
  • Audiology and Speech Therapy Department





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