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Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science was established in 1972 as one of the first faculties in the University. It has been granting the Bachelor degree since 1976.

Departments and programs

The Faculty houses four academic departments: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology-Biochemistry. The number of students in the faculty is over eight hundred with over sixty faculty members.

The academic departments offer various undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Mathematical Economics, Biology, Chemistry, and a degree in Physics with minors in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Electronics. Additionally, minors are offered in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry.

Graduate programs

On the graduate level, the faculty offers Master programs in chemistry, mathematics, and physics, and participates in other graduate programs such as Applied Statistics, Scientific Computation, Water and Environmental Sciences, and Economics. 

Research Interests

Physics: High temperature superconductors, Protein dynamics, Particle physics and Nanotechnology.
Chemistry: Bioorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry , Molecular orbital calculations, and advanced analytical methods.
Biology: Biodiversity in Palestine , Heavy metal contamination, neurophysiology , genetics, and issues in agriculture.
Mathematics: Ring Theory, Topology, Game Theory, Statistics, Microeconomics, Dynamical Systems, coalgebra, and corings and comodules. 

Community Outreach

Faculty members are involved in the development of school curricula, offering analytical services and consultancies to various companies and institutions, as well as arranging and participating in various local conferences on teaching, research and services.



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