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Faculty Research

Birzeit University seeks to advance the knowledge of and opportunities for its academics, who disseminate information about their ground-breaking and innovative research. A range of academic support and financial assistance has been provided to faculty encourage scientific research and development of the academic level of Birzeit's own programs.

In the academic year 2011-2012, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs provided financial support of $169,038 for research and projects by faculty members in different fields of specialization. This funding covered partial or total costs of academic activities including participation in international and regional conferences where faculty members presented working papers and research.

Of this funding, $116,779 was spent on research projects and $52,259 went to supporting faculty members who presented papers at conferences.

One of the most significant academic achievements of Birzeit University and the Institute of Community and Public Health (ICPH) was the acceptance of five research papers to the prestigious British Scientific Journal Lancet. A team from the ICPH wrote the journal articles over the course of two years of continuous consultations, combining important scientific resources and developing the capacities of the research team in the process.

The research papers were presented at two additional conferences in London, The Lancet Conference and the Conference of MAP, as well as at an ICPH conference held at BZU entitled A Series of Research Related to the Health Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. This achievement was the result of the collective hard work and efforts of the institute’s research team.

Other research publications by Birzeit faculty can be found in a publications database maintained by the university.

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