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Office of Grants and Contracts

The Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) is a service office at Birzeit University and, as such, exists to encourage and assist the Birzeit University faculty and staff in their pursuit of external funds.  

The office will continuously seek to provide assistance to the faculty and researchers of the university in all phases of externally-funded project development to support research and other activities.  Support includes identifying funding sources, preparing of proposals, processing and obtaining appropriate sign-off and overseeing post award administration. OGC will monitor the expenditure of the budget items according to the agreements and prepare necessary reports on time.    

The office provides the ethical framework within which externally funded research is conducted. In addition, the OGC will maintain and administer the Institutional Incentives Plan of the university.  The OGC will always strive to support and encourage increased activities in obtaining external funding for research and program development to support the university's mission and goals.  

Grant Services Provided
The office provides interested faculty and staff with a wide variety of supportive services and assistance that includes researching prospective funders, assistance in writing (primarily, although not exclusively, editing), budget development, attendance at meetings and required technical assistance sessions, budget development, assistance in obtaining supportive documents, obtaining necessary university approvals, serving as the liaison to other university offices during the development of grant proposals, and assistance in submitting all proposals particularly by providing periodic workshops and technical assistance sessions to faculty and staff on issues of interest, such as the grant development process, budget development, and finding funding sources.  



The office can be reached through:  

Dolly Kaibni-Nammour, Director

Tel: +970 (2) 298 20 34

Fax: +970 (2) 281 06 56

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