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Testing Laboratories Center

Center of Birzeit University Testing Laboratories

Established in 1982, the Center of Birzeit University Testing Laboratories (BZUTL) offers services and conducts research in the field of environment health and toxicology, environmental education, pharmaceutical and veterinary drugs, food, animal feed, water and wastewater, petroleum products, lubricating oils, soil and concrete.

In 1993, BZUTL stated working in Gaza strip in the field of water and wastewater,  In 1998, BZUTL became the first institution in Palestine to obtain the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

The aim of BZUTL is to support the Palestinian community through offering services in the field of quality control of various products and commodities, researches and studies. These services include quality analysis of locally manufactured and imported products, conducting researches and studies for the sake of consumers protection and conservation of natural resources, conducting educational programs, and projects that help in developing the community anywhere in the country.


To become a center of excellence  maintaining  the leading edge in research and quality control analysis.  BZUTL is looking to become  a regional laboratory serving not only the local community but also nearby countries leading the way to a healthier societies  under the slogan  “science in the service of community”



To serve and protect the Palestinian community by conducting research and analysis of consumables, resources and materials that improve lives, protect the Palestinian consumers, enhance development  and deliver BZU values to the community

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