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Birzeit University an independent, not-for-profit institution of higher education overseen by an autonomous Board of Trustees. The University seeks to maintain excellence in teaching and learning, to advance knowledge through research, and to contribute to community service. It believes firmly in freedom of thought and expression, democratic practices, intellectual pluralism and civilized discourse. The University endeavours to produce leaders who hold themselves to high standards of personal integrity, and are committed to critical and innovative thinking and lifelong learning. The University strives to contribute to human civilization issuing from the Arab-Islamic heritage.



Birzeit University would endeavour to remain the foremost Palestinian University, recognized for distinction in education, research and community service, and the institution of choice for the most promising students and academics in Palestine. The University would seek to maintain its preeminent role as a higher learning institution graduating leaders in all walks of life. The University would strive to become one of the best universities in the Arabic region in the medium term and a world-class University in the longer term.



Excellence: Birzeit University seeks to achieve the best in everything it does: education, research, leadership of opinion, artistic expression and community service.

A University atmosphere based on mutual respect, academic freedom and freedom of expression: Birzeit University seeks to treat all individuals, and for members of its community to treat each other, with respect, dignity, fairness, understanding and transparency and to celebrate differences in perspectives, beliefs, traditions and experiences; all in an atmosphere of academic freedom and freedom of expression.

Diversity of student body: Birzeit University seeks to have a student body that is representative of the whole of Palestine, socially, economically and geographically; and to marshal the resources needed to admit qualified students, irrespective of economic status or physical challenge.

Civic, social and humanitarian responsibility: Birzeit University is committed to using its creative intellectual energies to address responsibly local and regional, thereby contributing to the development of society, environment and heritage. The University also is committed to instilling into its students the spirit of voluntarism, service and professionalism.
Integrity: Birzeit University cherishes personal responsibility, integrity, impartiality, fairness, accountability and honesty, and seeks to uphold them in practice.

Concern for the environment: Birzeit University seeks to disseminate and promote environmental awareness and respect for nature and to ensure that this is reflected in all that it practices.

Professional Ethics: Birzeit University seeks to hold all members of the University community: faculty, students and workers, to the highest standards of professional ethics, and strives to instill ethical sensitivity in its students.
Lifelong learning: Birzeit University seeks to enable its graduates to love and celebrate life, through lifelong quest for knowledge, understanding and professional development.

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