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Abu Hijleh and Farouk Shami discussed the Potential of Partnership

January 9, 2016
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The president of Birzeit University, Dr. Abd Al-Latif Abu Hijleh and the Palestinian businessman Farouk Al-Shami discussed the potential of establishing a community college in Palestine for educational and vocational training, in partnership with the Chancellor of Lonestar Universtiy Steven C. Head.

During the brief gathering between the two parties, Abu Hijleh said “ Our University has been always keen to provide the opportunity for our Youth to learn and grow. We are strongly committed to contribute in improving the standard and availability of education across Palestine, and the idea of establishing a new college is certainly a noble idea that we need to discuss.

In turn, Shami and Steven alluded that this community college will increase the access and opportunity for our students and define their pathways to succeed  in both academic and vocational education in Palestine.

“…. I commend Birzeit University for proactively working toward improving the quality of education and expanding the spaces for our students to learn and improve their academic and technical skills which will benefit them of course and also their local communities”, Shami concluded. 

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