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Al-Hal Newspaper Celebrates Ten Years with Media Seminar

February 18, 2015
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Marking the tenth anniversary of its flagship newspaper, Al-Hal, the Birzeit University Media Development Center organized a seminar on February 11, 2015 on issues facing the Palestinian press.

Media experts, academics and journalists discussed contemporary issues of concern and the realities on the ground at the seminar, offering examples through Al-Hal’s experience covering social, political and economic issues.

Media Development Center director Aref Hijjawi opened the session, emphasizing that, since Al-Hal’s inception 10 years ago, it has not deviated from its pursuit of the truth, and the quest to provide a model of an objective press.

Birzeit University Vice President for Community Affairs Samia Halileh said that Al-Hal’s breakthrough was in 2011, when it invited media students to apply the academic theories and knowledge they learning in their academic studies, thus preparing them to join the labor market.  Halileh pointed out that Al-Hal’s success also led to its electronic publication in the English language.

Al-Hal is published monthly by the Birzeit University Media Development Center. Its inaugural issue was in February 2005, founded by Aref Hijjawi, Issa Bishara, Nabil al-Khatib and Walid al-Omari.

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