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Aljazeera and Qatar – Discourse on Politics and Policies of Discourse

April 17, 2012
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The East African Publishing House in Morocco recently published the second international edition of the book Aljazeera and Qatar – Discourse on Politics and Policies of Discourse. The book is written by BZU Professor of Media, Mohammed Abu al-Rub, with a foreword by Media Department Chairperson, Dr. Walid Shurafa, and concluding remarks by Dr. Khaled Hroub, Director of Cambridge Arab Media Programme (CAMP) at the University of Cambridge in Britain.

The book discusses the role played by Aljazeera in shaping Qatar’s international relations. It further analyzes Aljazeera’s editorial policy utilizing a scientific methodology whose approach is discourse analysis. It also examines samples of Al-Jazeera coverage of the internal Palestinian split.

The book was a bestseller at the Cairo International Book Fair 2012. It was exhibited at the Casablanca Book Fair in Morocco and is currently on show in the Riyadh International Book Fair.

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