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Alumni Office Screens Graduate Documentary “Bring Our Students Back”

February 16, 2016
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Public Relations Office - Birzeit University

Birzeit University Alumni and Career Services Office screened a documentary film entitled “Bring Our Students Back” on February 13, 2016, directed by graduate Lama Ghosheh. 

“Bring Our Students Back” is a 25-minute film that sheds light on the experience of the student movement at Birzeit University. It introduces this account with the establishment of the movement in the seventies and follows it through stages of development.

“We at the Alumni and Career Services Office aim to promote ongoing, mutually life-giving relationships with our graduates,” said Alumni and Career Services office director Wijdan Farraj, introducing the film. “Our mission is to involve the greatest number of alumni possible in the activities of Birzeit University and encourage them to share their successes with our current students and contribute to the greatness of our university.”

Student council head Yousef Karmi also spoke at the event. “Since the beginning, Birzeit University students have been on the frontline of the struggle. They have renewed their strategy and vision generation after generation and have made significant contributions in fighting the Israeli occupation.”

“This long history must be documented and shown to the world,” he continued. “Through contributions like ‘Bring Our Students Back,’ Palestinians can break through the walls and the isolation imposed on them, and can help us build ties of solidarity with youth and justice seekers around the world.”

Director Ghosheh emphasized the importance of documentary filmmaking as a powerful medium for documenting Palestinian history and conveying it to the world. “Despite the obstacles I faced in making the film,” she said, “I was very determined to complete it. Our journey in resistance must be archived and shared.”

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