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Birzeit Architectural Engineering Students Visit Greece in Study Tour

October 11, 2014
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Birzeit University’s Architectural Engineering Department organized a one-week (August 31 – Sept. 8, 2014) study tour to the Greek city of Athens for a group of its junior and senior students to familiarize them with features of Greek cultural-historical archaeology.

The purpose of the trip was mainly to introduce students to historical and modern Greek architecture by visiting famous historical sites and museums in Athens, which include numerous exhibits and mythological writings that reflect ancient Greek culture and civilization.

Through coordination with the Palestinian Embassy in Greece and the General Union of Palestinian Students, Birzeit architectural engineering students also visited the National Technical University of Athens, staying there overnight and doing some sightseeing.

The trip broadened students’ horizons, introducing them to different styles of architecture from ancient Greek civilization, and leading to a discussion on the importance of architecture and its close association with cultural identity.

Architectural engineering students will be organizing on October 20, 2014 an exhibition that will include paintings and other art works that were produced during their trip.

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