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Birzeit University and Exalt Technologies Sign a Cooperation Agreement to Support IT Students

April 5, 2014
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On March 17, 2014, the Birzeit University Computer Systems Engineering Department signed a partnership agreement with Exalt Technologies to promote cooperation and bridge the gap between academics and Palestinian market needs. The event was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman, IT Dean Ali Jaber, Exalt Technologies CEO Mr. Tariq Ma’ayeh, Computer Systems Engineering Department Chair Iyad Tumar and many others.

Tumar expects that the agreement will enrich students’ practical knowledge, thus reducing the gap between the academic sector and the information technology industry. The agreement allows for specialized workshops and guest lecturers, in addition to training students at Exalt Technologies Corporation. Tumar indicated that the department will continue to support the books campaign for the academic year 2014/2015.

"Exalt seeks to support IT students, especially Birzeit University students,” said Ma’ayeh, “whose graduates constitute the largest number of our company’s employees. We will train students in our company and support the faculty’s activities," he said, emphasizing the need for integrating the private sector with academia to promote the labor market in Palestine.

EXALT Technologies was established in Ramallah in 1997 in partnership with Siemens. It has a proven history of delivering customized mobile and web application solutions to organizations of all sizes from Fortune 100 companies to social networking start-ups. The company has helped many organizations extend their enterprise software solutions to the mobile world, and gained the trust of many international firms.

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