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Birzeit University Condemns Israeli’s Constant Violations of the Right of Education

January 11, 2016
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Israeli occupation army invaded Birzeit University campus.

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Public Relations Office - Birzeit University
(Press Statement)
Birzeit- (11 Jan 2016)-
In the early morning hours, under the cover of darkness, the Israeli occupation army invaded Birzeit University campus. This is neither new nor unprecedented given the ongoing colonial aggression against the people and institutions of Palestine. Birzeit University condemns this attack and the direct violation of the sanctity of the university campus. This is a belligerent military attack on the university and our right to education and all the principles involved in the freedom of education.
More than fifteen military Israeli vehicles raided Birzeit University at 2:50 in the morning breaking through the entrance to the university through the western gate. The military forces invaded the Student Council building the and Faculty of Science. They forcibly deterred our university security personnel as they invaded these buildings. The military confiscated  equipment and computers used in the activities of the students council and destroyed and damaged furniture leaving a great deal of havoc behind. This is a blatant attack on our student council and the sanctity of democratic values.  This violation of the campus is a part of a outragous and systematic attack on the right of education and freedom of expression. 
Birzeit University condemns the continuous Israeli occupation military’s invasions of university campuses throughout Palestine. Eighty students at Birzeit University, in addition to hundreds of students throughout other universities in Palestine, are in israeli prisons, more than twenty-five arrested and detained in the last three months alone. Stealing our students lives and working to destroy the sanctity of our university campus and our right to education is an atrocious and obvious attempt to destroy the will of the Palestinian people. The University condemns these outrageous acts in the strongest possible terms and calls upon all international and human rights organizations to speak this truth loudly in the face of these violations immediately and without reserve and to stand in solidarity with our struggle. 
The University’s administration confirms that despite these constant Israeli attacks and their repressive measures against students, they shall only strengthen the University’s commitment to its noble cause - education.

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