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Birzeit University Honors Staff on International Worker’s Day

May 9, 2013
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The Birzeit University Workers’ Union hosted a ceremony honoring the university’s employees.

The Birzeit University Workers’ Union hosted a ceremony on May 1, 2013 honoring the university’s employees, in recognition of their efforts serving and developing the university, and on the occasion of International Worker’s Day.

Union head Sami Sha’ath said that the celebration was intended to once again reaffirm the principle of serious and free union representation, with one of its most important causes the defense of workers’ rights and maintaining union unity as the first line of defense for the rights of all workers and their interests.

Vice President for Administrative Affairs and acting president Adel Zagha emphasized that this celebration is a firm annual tradition supported by the university. It seeks to restate the importance of a healthy working environment based on mutual respect at the university, in order to advance science and humanitarian needs and maintain BZU’s position as a role model in all areas.

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