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Birzeit University Kicks off the Master Program in "Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology"

July 2, 2015
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Public Relations Office - Birzeit University

Birzeit University obtained the approval of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to adopt the master program in "Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology" to be taught at the Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Health Professions starting the first semester of the academic year 2015/2016. The program aims to prepare a specialized cadre in pharmaceutical industry by deepening relations between the pharmaceuticals sector on one hand, and the academic and research institutions on the other hand.

The Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Health Professions dean Dr. Tamer Essawi said that this program is the product of efforts undertaken by the faculty and directors of local pharmaceutical factories and concerned government institutions to prepare a qualified cadre in the pharmaceutical industry and keep pace with the global pharmaceutical industry.

Requirements for admission to this program, the student must have a bachelor degree from a recognized university in: pharmacy, Dr. Pharmacist, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or any discipline that the Program Council sees appropriate, in addition to a personal interview.

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