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Birzeit University to offer Joint Master’s in Israeli Studies with Institute for Palestine Studies

April 22, 2013
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Birzeit University President Khalil Hindi and director of the Institute of Palestine Studies in Jerusalem and Ramallah Khalid Farraj made official on April 18, 2013 an agreement between the two bodies to introduce a master’s program in Israeli Studies.

Hindi expressed the university’s delight at the long-term cooperation with the institute. "The university will do what it takes to obtain the program’s accreditation from the relevant authorities,” he said, “and teaching may begin by the beginning of the academic year that follows accreditation, in accordance with university laws."

Farraj pledged to make all resources at the IPS office available to program staff and students, and he also offered a number of academic fellowships for students enrolled in the program, in addition to delegating teachers, if the need arises.

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