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Birzeit University Participates in the 10th International Conference on “Hands-on Science”

July 17, 2013
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Hamza Kirresh, St. Elisabeth Cathedral, Košice, Slovakia.

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Represented by the student Hamza Kirresh, the Department of Computer Systems Engineering, at Birzeit University participated in the 10th International Conference on “Hands-on Science,” held in Slovakia during 1-5 July 2013.

Kirresh presented a paper titled: “Affordable technology-based learning in Palestine.” He said: "The conference included a specialized workshop for training educators working in the field of science education "aimed at hands on activities, presenting e.g. good practices from the classroom, like techniques/methods of teaching/learning, educational software/hardware, all kinds of experiments (interactive demonstrations, low cost, computer-aided, etc. ...).”

Kirresh added that the conference presented new ideas for providing technology, breaking the barrier of fear from programming and use of programming in teaching. "

The Conference main topics:

  • Pre-service and in-service science teacher training
  • Inquiry based science education
  • Digital technologies in education
  • Popularization of science in society

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