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Birzeit University Protests against Settler Assault on Campus - News

September 20, 2011
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On September 10th, Birzeit University protested against provocative slogans, offensive to both national and religious sentiments, written by settlers on the walls adjoining the West Gate.

Dr. Khalil Hindi, President of the University, cautioned for a calm and patient response to the settler provocations so as to protect this great educational edifice. Dr. Hindi added, "Focusing on education, keeping up with the educational process, our wisdom in managing difficulties, and our youthful enthusiasm are paths to establishing a Palestinian State."

Mrs. Ellen Kutab, secretary of the Employees’ Association at the University, condemned the cowardly assault by the herds of settlers which violated the sanctity of the university, while heeding the necessity of protecting our national and educational foundations from such assaults. She noted that our university has limited readiness to oppose the racist work of settlers. Kutab called on the Palestinian National Authority PNA, Palestinian parties, and the university administration to be steadfast against the continuous assault of the settlers, starting with attacks on lands, trees, properties, and now against the educational foundations.


Majdi Al Hafi, Head of the Student Council, said this assault revealed the national and symbolic value of Birzeit University, from where many leaders and martyrs had graduated over the years. He noted that its students would never hesitate to protect the university. Al Hafi added "The Israeli Occupation seeks to create an atmosphere of internal chaos to shut down the doors of the university.  That will be impossible—the educational process will continue. Through education we can stand against the occupation."

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