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Birzeit University Tops Webometrics Index in Palestine, 31st among Arabs

February 1, 2016
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Birzeit University has climbed the Webometrics Ranking, coming in first among Palestinian universities and thirty-first among approximately 1,000 higher education institutions in the Arab world, as of January 2016.

Globally, the university’s rank was 2,140 among 24,000 world universities. Based on this, it ranks in the top three percent in the Arab world and top 10 percent internationally.

Webometrics ranks schools based on a composite ranking formula that combines the number of links to the university’s website, the number of web pages published by the university, the number of university-related academic publications on the Internet, and the citation record of the university’s academic publications.

“This evaluation is live evidence of the university’s hard work invested in research, innovation and scientific advancement. They are at the core of our activities as they have a crucial role in developing differentiated and effective academic systems, and in making it possible for our country, Palestine, to join the global knowledge society and compete in sophisticated knowledge economies,” university president Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh said.

According Faculty of Graduate Studies dean Talal Shahwan, Webometrics offers useful information about a university’s scientific exposure to local and international communities through the Internet, and its accomplishments and research excellence. He added that  effective presence on the Web is now vital for the dissemination of academic knowledge and scientific production.

Birzeit University has also recently been classified as first among Palestinian universities by the QS ranking, and 61-70 among Arab universities.

The Webometrics Ranking was initiated by a research group that is part of the National Research Council, the largest public research body in Spain. This ranking is a quantitative analysis of Internet and Web content related to scholarly communication of scientific knowledge. According to Webometrics, the purpose of the rankings is to promote global access to academic knowledge produced by universities and institutions.



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