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Birzeit University Welcomes New PAS Students

June 8, 2016
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Birzeit University welcomed on June 8, 2016 the new students in the Palestine and Arab Studies Program “PAS”; a program that focuses on teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

More than fifty students are enrolled in the program this summer from different prominent universities such as the University of Edinburgh and Cambridge. Among them are Masters and PhD holders.

PAS Director Tina Rafidi expressed her enthusiasm about the international diversity that the university will witness this summer. She said that students are attending from all across Europe, the United States, Japan, in addition to Palestinian Americans.

The Dean of Arts Faculty Majdi Malki greeted the students. He described the university’s role as consistent with the mission of international education through fostering student appreciation of culture, language and social diversity, and enhancing understanding among all the world’s people.

Rafidi explained that the PAS program has visited universities abroad and made agreements such as the one with the University of Edinburgh to further enhance the enrollment to the program. She assured the program is poised to address Birzeit University’s task of supporting and promoting international education while protecting culture and the environment in the academic pursuit of creativity and innovation.

“We believe that we must make substantial new investment in international education. The imperative of the moment and the university’s excellent track record in international recruitment is not just a necessary investment but an institutional strength.”

During the welcoming ceremony, the Public Relations Office screened an introductory film about Birzeit University and Voluntary Work Officer and Coordinator of the Right to Education Campaign spoke about the university’s history and the constraints imposed by the Israeli occupation on education in Palestine.

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