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Birzeit University Wins Three Advanced Awards at the Fourth Conference for Student Innovations

June 10, 2015
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Birzeit University won three awards at the fourth Conference for graduate students’ projects, which was held at the Polytechnic University on 3 June 2015, in the presence of a number of Palestinian universities and the participation of 107 student scientific research projects.

The winners are students of Mechanical Engineering Department and Mechatronics Department.

In fact, this conference was organized by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research at the Polytechnic University, in collaboration with the faculties of the university, aiming to present the graduate students’ creative abilities and innovations, and to trigger networking between students and employers.

This is the second year in which the Palestinian universities are invited to participate, in order to show their students’ creative abilities, and to explore the possibility of launching joint activities in the future, as well as to network between students and the teaching staff of all the participating universities.

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