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Bishop Attallah Hanna Visits Campus and Meets with Dr. Khalil Hindi - News

September 22, 2011
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The Archbishop of the Sebastian Roman Orthodox Church, Dr. Attallah Hanna, visited Birzeit University on 12 September 2011. University President Dr. Khalil Hindi and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Adnan Yahya received the honorable Bishop.


Bishop Hanna is a distinguished Palestinian patriarch and nationalist who is highly respected and valued throughout the region. He was welcomed by Dr. Hindi, who expressed his pleasure at the bishop’s visit.

The Bishop complimented the academic, educational, and national roles that Birzeit plays in educating generations and providing them with essential skills to enable them to help their people and community. He then thanked the university for its continuous efforts in improving academia.

Bishop Hanna also condemned the brutal attack on the university that occurred several days ago by a group of extremist settlers who wrote racist graffiti and religious symbols on the walls of the university. He stated: “The act is condemned because it carries racism and hatred against Arabs, Palestinians, and against a long-standing academic institution of which we are all proud-Birzeit University.”

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