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BZU and Aal Al-Bait University Organize Workshop on Development of Local Architecture - News

September 5, 2011
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The Department of Architectural Engineering at BZU in collaboration with Aal Al-Bait University in Jordan, organized a workshop entitled "Development of Local Architecture" held on 25 -30 June 2011. The workshop targeted 41 students, 26 of whom are from BZU.

The activities of the workshop began with an introduction to the departments of architectural engineering at both universities, and a presentation on the achievements, projects and experiments of each. This was followed by a series of lectures on local architecture, delivered by a group of students from both universities. The lectures sought to identify local architecture in both countries .

At the end of the workshop, students presented projects before a committee, who who gave them feedback. Then the Jordanian Association of Architects headed by Ayman Zuaiter held a dinner reception for the participants.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, Aal Al-Bait University organized a recreational trip for the participants to Petra and Wadi Rum, where they camped for one night to experience desert life there. The workshop was very useful for students in terms of academic, social and cultural value, allowing them to exchange knowledge and personal experiences. Furthermore, it offered an opportunity for developing professional relationships between professors from both universities.



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