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BZU celebrates the 2nd day of the Graduation Ceremony - News

August 9, 2011
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On 4 June 2011, BZU celebrated the 2nd day of the 36th graduation ceremony for a new batch of students from the faculties of: Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Law and Public Administration and Graduate Studies. The event was attended by the Chairman of BZU Board of Trustees, Dr. Hanna Nasir, BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, Minister of Education and Higher Education Ms. Lamis Alami, and members of the University Council, BZU faculty and staff members, and a number of Palestinian figures, as well as the graduate students and their parents.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Adnan Yahya, noted that the effort exerted by the graduates was great and the difficulties were many, being confident that BZU shaped many of the personal and professional features of the graduates. He added, addressing the parents of the graduates: “During the course of seeking to provide a qualified teaching

Staff for your sons/daughters, with sufficient and equipped buildings, as well as a comfortable environment and modern academic, programs that allow them to compete with graduates of the best international universities. We hope that the graduates’ experience will convince you that BZU is a suitable place for future generations, while we will continue to make the efforts to be up to your expectations. "

Ms. Alami emphasized the role played by BZU in preparing its graduates, demonstrating a clear presence in the labor market, and were truly ambassadors to the mission of the University, and an important cornerstone for state-building. She overviewed the obstacle faced by the Palestinian universities, most importantly the financial challenge and the Israeli occupation.

On the other hand, BZU has awarded the distinguished faculty and staff members, where Dr. Hindi honored the Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Khaled Tukman for his excellence in teaching, while the Head of Information and Publications Unit - Public Relations Office, Ms. Lubna Abdul Hadi, earned the Distinguished Employee Award for her excellent performance and contributions for more than thirty years at BZU.

Dr. Tukman expressed his pleasure and pride to be honored, stressing that the award embeds a great responsibility towards the students and urges him for more giving and efforts, thanking his colleagues at the Department of Mathematics.


Ms. Abdul Hadi overviewed her experience at BZU, since the seventies of the last century, where she had the honor to be a staff member at an institution of national identity, and has witnessed the role of the university in the most complicated circumstances,


On behalf of the MA graduates, the student Hassan Hamdan, emphasized the skills and knowledge that he has acquired during his years of study, and expressed his happiness with this success, and his sadness at the same time to leave such a renowned seat of learning.

In the same context, the student Louay Khalaf delivered the speech of MA graduates, in which he pointed to the importance of the book and its necessity in the future career. He added: that we must maintain communication with BZU and provide it with all the necessary material and moral support, in gratitude to what the university has provided us. "

The ceremony included an art performance by Sanabel group followed by the distribution of certificates to graduates of various faculties, who agreed to be committed to the covenant of the graduates, which was read by the President of the University.



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