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BZU celebrates the 36th graduation ceremony - News

August 9, 2011
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BZU celebrated on 3 June 2010, the graduation of a new batch of students from the Faculties of Arts, Commerce and Economics, Education, Nursing and Allied Health Professions. The event was attended by  the Representative of the Palestinian President, Dr. Hussein Araj, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Hanna Nasir, BZU President , Dr. Khalil Hindi, members of the Board of Trustees, the University Council, faculty and staff members, and a number of Palestinian figures, as well as the graduate students and their parents.


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Dr Araj expressed his honor and happiness to attend the event, and congratulated the students on behalf of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas. He added: "We live in a country with limited resources and small space, but it is full of citizens, who have great desire for education and learning, believing that they have a duty to catch up with the level of those who are ahead of us in this world.”

Dr. Hindi expressed his happiness and pride of the graduates, asserting that the university has not reached this high level without the concerted efforts of hundreds of faculty and staff members, who spent most of their lives in the service of the university and its students. He addressed the graduates: "I do not doubt that the knowledge you have acquired and the experiences you have accumulated during your studies in the best university in the country equip you to succeed in your life.


This year, BZU awarded an honorary doctorate for the eminent historian and authority in the Palestinian issue, Professor Waleed Khalidi, for his support to the Palestinian cause, through his books and studies on the Palestinian people's right to live on their land. Also, the economist and president of the Friends of Birzeit University, Professor Mohammad Al-Masrouji, was honored, since he recently donated to the construction of the Media Development Center building at BZU, marking the first donation to BZU by a Palestinian living in Palestine . In addition to honoring the businessman and economist, Professor Muhammad Omran Bamieh, who became a member of the BZU Board of Trustees in 1994.


The graduate Palestina Jaber delivered a speech, on behalf of the graduates, in which she assured that BZU is not a place only, but a space of ideas, in which the mission of universities is manifested,

The ceremony included an art performance by Sanabel group followed by the distribution of certificates to graduates of various faculties, who agreed to be committed to the covenant of the graduates, which was read by the President of the University.



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