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BZU Center for Development SBZU Center for Development Studies Announces Results of Disabled Persons Studies - News

August 9, 2011
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On 25 July 2011 the BZU Center for Development Studies (CDS) in collaboration with the Palestinian Center for Women's Research held a workshop to announce the results of two studies on the status and challenges faced by disabled persons in Palestinian society. The workshop was attended by Minister of Social Affairs Majeda Al-Masri, Director of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Ola Awad, and Director of the Palestinian Center for Women's Research and Documentation Zahira Kamal.


In her opening address, the Director of the CDS, Samia Butmeh, stressed that these two studies are the outcome of intensive work in the field of disability studies, and that the main objective of the studies is to provide community-based policy approaches to influence decision-makers, and urge them to provide a better environment for people with disabilities.

The Minister of Social Affairs applauded the Center’s efforts and its work in research and development, and commended the focus of gender issues in these studies. She added: "These studies by the CDS and the Palestinian Center for Women's Research and Documentation are milestones for policy makers and specialists in the field of disability. Despite the large percentage of disabled persons in the Palestinian territories, there is a lack of adequate information on the necessary needs for disabled people in Palestine. These studies will contribute to the provision of appropriate solutions."

The Director of the Palestinian Center for Women's Research and Documentation, Zahira Kamal, believes that the two studies will contribute to bridging the gap in the field of disability, since the legal framework is insufficient, and the prevailing attitudes in society include a sense of sympathy, while ignoring the fact that persons with disabilities are individuals with particular capacities.

The Director of PCBS referred to the need to adopt a national strategy and activate the relevant laws, and called upon the concerned national institutions to make use of PCBS’s survey to construct policies that will contribute to the integration and participation of disabled persons in society.




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