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BZU Conference “Arabic Language in Palestinian Universities: Between Reality and Ambition”

January 21, 2013
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Participants in the November 10, 2012 conference entitled "Arabic Language in Palestinian Universities: Between Reality and Ambition" indicated that the Arabic language curriculum in universities needs greater attention, particularly in light of the “information revolution.”  University requirements should be reviewed, they asserted, and theoretical aspects integrated in the applied side of Arabic language teaching in universities.



The conference, organized by the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Birzeit University, hosted Arabic language professors from various Palestinian universities. BZU President Khalil Hindi opened the conference, emphasizing the importance of research in the development of teaching Arabic, including the specialized knowledge that students in Arabic departments obtain, job skills related to the language that the non-specialized students acquire, and contemporary issues such as the relationships between language and media, information technology, social networking, and programming languages.

Arabic Language and Literature Department Head and Chair of the conference Ibrahim Moussa emphasized the need to renew interest in the Arabic language, especially in light of globalization and changing lifestyles. "We aim through this conference to characterize the state of Arabic language in Palestinian universities in an accurate scientific manner, and provide careful consideration of the mechanisms for developing Arabic language teaching in universities," he said.

The conference comprised three sessions. The first featured the reality of Arabic language in higher education institutions while the second discussed Arabic language and communication. The third and final session presented the various challenges facing the Arabic language and pedagogical recommendations in that regard.

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