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BZU Faculty of Information Technology Hosts Lecture on Cooperative Communication - News

August 16, 2011
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The BZU Faculty of Information Technology hosted Professor Ali Ghrayyeb from Concordia University, Canada, to deliver a lecture on the latest scientific research trends in the field of wireless communication, in particular, on the trend towards cooperative communication.

Professor Ghrayyeb explained that all future wireless systems will depend on the principle of cooperative communication, including the 4th generation of cellular communications, wireless sensors, networks and fixed broadband (WiMAX). He addressed the challenges facing the implementation of these systems, such as encoding and encrypting, and the strategy of transferring data.

Professor Ghrayyeb worked as a research assistant and teaching assistant at BZU from 1994 to 1995, before completing his postgraduate studies in the United States.  He received a PhD in electrical engineering in 2000, and currently serves as Chair of Research in Wireless Communications at the University of Concordia.

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