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BZU Hosts Sports Day During “Palestine Without Drugs” Week - News

August 9, 2011
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As part of the week honoring "Palestine without Drugs” and on the occasion of the “World Day to Combat Drugs” celebrated on 5 July 2011, the Sports Program at BZU held a sports day. The event included a volleyball championship as well as a friendly football tournament, under the auspices of Al-Sadiq Al Tayeb Society for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts. At the end of the games, Director of the Soceity Majed Alloush congratulated the winners, thanking all those who contributed to the success of the activity. In particular, Alloush thanked Isaac Eid, Head of the Physical Education Program at BZU, stressing the use of sports for those with behavioral abnormalities and drug addiction.


BZU won the volleyball championship with a gold medal while the Sinjil Club won the 2nd place plaque and silver medal.


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