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BZU Institute of Law Holds Gender Training

April 17, 2012
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In cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), the Institute of Law (IoL) at BZU held a specialized training course on integrating gender criteria in the work of local government units (LGUs) in Hebron governorate. The training took place on 21 January 2012, targeting LGU staff members in the governorate of Hebron.



In the opening session, Dr. Khaled al-Qawasmeh, Minister of Local Government, stated that gender is of paramount importance in functions of the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG). Accordingly, gender has been duly incorporated within the Local Government Sector strategy and in other sector strategies in Palestine, he added.

Al-Qawasmeh confirmed that “this training activity contributes to promoting women’s role and work and to integrating gender as a concept and practice in the local government sector, including relevant legislation, policies, plans and programs.”

As an outcome of ongoing and fruitful cooperation between the MoLG and IoL, a series of training courses targeting LGU staff throughout Palestinian governorates in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been organized. In this context, Al-Qawasmeh announced the MoLG’s implementation of several activities, including a gender-based auditing program at the Ministry.

Engineer Khaled ‘Useili, Mayor of the Hebron Municipality, asserted that the Municipality is greatly interested in gender issues. In this vein, it has implemented several projects that take into account women’s needs, including sports, clubs and halls, as well as children’s centers. ‘Useili explained that “issues of concern to both men and women are taken into account on an equal footing.” He also stated that ongoing cooperation initiatives between the Hebron Municipality and MoLG were designed to develop and promote citizens’ common interests.

On behalf of the Governor of Hebron, Mr. Marwan Sultan explained that the Governor’s Office “looks forward to maintaining integration and contacts with gender-oriented programs, LGUs and other institutions, including the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, women protection centers and the Palestinian police. To enable women to pursue their potential in various areas, the Governor’s Office also implements programs and provides services to further develop the status of Palestinian women and highlight their achievements. Literature on women’s rights is also significant, especially in relation to women’s economic development.”

Representing the IoL, Program Manager Mu’in al-Barghouthi stated that this training course “discusses gender from specialized perspectives that are of interest to LGU staff. Accordingly, skills and expertise, which trainees learn herein, will reflect on broader LGU work and public service delivery in respective areas of operation and in line with relevant needs. This training course also allows participating LGUs to share experiences.”

This five-day training is one of ten training courses that target LGU staff in the West Bank and Gaza Strip governorates.

As part of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women in the occupied Palestinian territories, six UN Agencies, namely UNDP/PAPP, UN-Women, ILO, UNESCO, UNFPA and UNRWA, are implementing a joint Program on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment, funded by the Government of Spain. The Project began in 2009 and runs through 2012.





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