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BZU Law Students Participate in “Justice for the Future Program” in Lebanon

September 5, 2012
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A team of students from the BZU Law Department at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration participated in the “Justice for the Future Program” - a training program carried out in Lebanon from 25 until 29 April 2012.  The students were accompanied by the Program Coordinator, Chairperson of the Law Department and Director of BZU Masters Program in Law, Dr. Khaled Talahmeh.



The training program included a number of meetings and workshops, as well as visits to public figures, institutions and facilities.  On the first day of the program, the team visited the Palace of Justice and Lebanese courts, accompanied by Lebanese Minister of Justice, Shakib Qortbawi, and the Palestinian Minister of Justice, Dr. Ali Khashan. They also visited the Faculty of Law and Political Science at St. Joseph University along with legal research centers and institutes, namely the Arab Center for Legal and Judicial Research as well as the Institute of Judicial Training.


Moreover, the team participated in a number of lectures and meetings, including a panel discussion entitled "Absence of Constitutionalism: a vision for reform in light of Arab transformations." Minister Khashan and the Head of the Lebanese Constitutional Council, Dr. Issam Sleiman, were the main discussants.


The “Justice for the Future Program” targets 30 Palestinian law students by offering different internships aimed at preparing these students for a career to work in the Palestinian government.

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