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BZU Museum and "Art4Schools Project, 2011 - 2013"

April 17, 2012
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six West Bank education directorates with teachers from 30 different schools. The training event was attended by a representative from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ayed Asfour; Representative of the Prime Minister’s Adviser for Arab and Islamic Funds, Layali Ameen; BZU Museum Director, Enas Yassin; and Project Manager, Najeh Abu Shamsieh. Training assessment was supervised by Vera Tamari, Yazeed Anani, Suleiman Mansour, Bashar Alhroub and Dr. Issa Deeby.


In her speech, Yassin overviewed the stages of implementation for the project and its objectives. Asfour emphasized the role played by art teachers in nourishing students emotionally and psychologically as well as refining their characters. Tamari confirmed that this project will provide a quantum leap in dealing with art, since it allows children and students to creatively express themselves. Dr. Anani noted that teaching art is not limited to drawing paintings only, and that he himself discovered several aesthetic concepts through art and was able to use art in teaching architectural engineering. Mansour spoke about art education under occupation, stating that he witnessed the development stages of Palestinian art, including problems and challenges encountered.

Dr. Deeby stated that art education in the region of Palestine 1948 faces significant challenges from the Israeli authorities, who work to blot out the concept and originality of Palestinian art.

The workshop is part of the project "Art4Schools 2011-2013," implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and supported by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa /Islamic Development Bank. This Project was initiated by BZU Museum in 2008 with the support of the Ford Foundation for the purpose of integrating teachers in the process of producing art models to be used in the teaching of art at school level.



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